MBA Grads Being Looked Down! Really??

PGDMThe current situation has proved that MBA grads are always valued. In fact a professional doesn’t get value until and unless he is a management graduate. The surveys and researches have proved that even recession couldn’t affect MBAs much. And in the current year there is 80% rise in the demand of MBA grads. Employers prefer MBA grads because of the skills they have acquired.

Still there is some belief that MBA grads are insufficient. The young entrepreneurs seem to criticize the management education to point of calling it a middle management of no use. This belief is because some of the B-schools lacks on the following grounds:

  • The curriculum. The curriculum is completely outdated as per the industry trends.
  • Another thing is these schools lacks in incorporating innovation. They are what to think and not how to think
  • They lack in conceptualizing entrepreneurship

The face of reality

The reality is that the innovative brains need room to grow. The management education needs to raise their standards. According to current industry trends the organizations plan to give 45% hike to the MBA grads. In this scenario, where there is increasingly high demands of MBA grads; the already working professionals are facing stalled career because of the demand of management qualifications.

What professionals should do

Instead of resenting the current situation you should be thinking of the ways of pushing your career ahead. It is understandable for a working professional that going for management education by quitting the job is next to impossible. But not achieving management education is also a problem in itself. For such professionals a part time PGDM is the best solution. Through this they can achieve management education without having to quit their jobs.

Alliance Executive PGDM give you the edge 

One of the most prestigious universities in India; Alliance University, Bangalore in collaboration with Jaro Education offers Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management, the university is jointly recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. Alliance University is the first Indian B-school to be accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), USA.

Following are the key features of Alliance Executive PGDM

  • Alliance Executive-PGDM provides specializations according to the growing demands of the industry.
  • More than 105 proficient experienced national and international professionals from the industry & academicians serves as faculty
  • An excellent, interactive and self-paced program designed for working professionals
  • An in-built strong network of more than 700 alumni executives across the corporate industry consists of more than 300 fortune companies
  • Advanced industry updated curriculum with weekend classes.
  • Even mixed mode is made available through live online sessions.
  • Consistent evaluation methodology by honor point system in the calculation of Grade Point Averages (GPA)
  • Helps develop better insight to the industry and real-life applications, analytical method of thinking about multifaceted global business
  • Accelerate the career opportunities and significance of working professionals in the global market.
  • Placement assistance provided by Jaro Education

It is better to enhance your qualifications and skills through industry updated curriculum. There are great possibilities that you will receive much a needed promotion merely by enrolling.

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