Your Fortune Cookie: MBA

International MBAA fortune cookie is said to bring a good fortune to the person who gets it. A piece of paper with a message is planted inside the cookie and when the person breaks it, gets to read the message. These are usually distributed during occasions to generate the air of positivity. The same thing is implied to the current corporate world. Holding an MBA degree is like having the Aladdin’s magic lamp or having a fortune cookie. Reason why a management degree holds an unnatural importance is because professionals holding this degree earns the skills which are difficult find elsewhere.

This is not just an opinion, but there is a physical evidence present supporting its importance. The recent surveys and researches have given an overwhelming data for the growing importance of management. This is not extracted from national but from an international level. In fact the salaries for MBAs on the global level are on rise. The 50% hike is being given to international MBA grads. This jump is observed because of the globalization of the markets and the shrinking boundaries of business. And there is no sector remaining untouched by the importance of MBAs.

An MBA is getting an edge because of the understanding of the cultural differences. This bridges the gap of cross cultural differences. Also the knowledge of global corporate world is given emphasis upon. The enhanced management skills, broadly are analytical skills, leadership qualities, team building, problem solving, negotiation, communication and confidence are achieved. In today’s scenario it is preferred that a professional should take international MBA to accelerate his career.

Is achieving an international MBA very simple 

It is also understandable that for every professional it isn’t possible to achieve an international MBA. Flying overseas costs more than a year’s package of an average professional. For such working professionals Jaro Education offers online International MBA in collaboration with URAL Federal University, Russia. The program teaches the requisites of a good manager and also incorporates the values of a good leader from the international perspective. URAL University is ranked under top 500 universities in the world and comes under the top 5 universities in Russia.

The key features of the program from URAL University are:

  • Accomplished industry experts give insights during online video lectures with the motive of upgrading the analytical skills of students of global business
  • This program comes with the variety of specialization in 17 subjects. That fulfills the industry demands
  • The online video lectures, PDFs are accessible anytime-anywhere and other course materials are made available around the clock on the internet.
  • Emphasizes at providing balance between education and experience.
  • Imparting knowledge of macro economics and other important aspects of global business market.
  • Ease of appearing for the exam at the nearest possible centre.
  • Acquiring knowledge of business market which could be implemented on a global scale.
  • Placement assistance is provided to every single student
  • Jaro Education international MBA opens the doors for opportunities
  • Also flexible fees payments are available for every student

A good fortune doesn’t lie in a fortune cookie but in an online international MBA which is designed especially for you. Enroll now and gear up your career!