“Distance” is just a word!

Distance MBAAll I’m trying to do is zoom out the globe map on Google right now. It is unbelievable- the map looks so small on my desktop. Thinking deeply with my eyes still glued on the screen, I wonder if the world has really come so close that it looks this small. The answer automatically comes “YES!”

‘Distance’ is only a word in dictionary to me now. One click and the distance magically diminishes into molecules. What can distance ‘education’ do to you?

“WONDERS!” is the answer.

People hunting for a management career can scroll down and find out what the angels have in store for you.

Globalization of management education, increasing international co-operation and expansion of multinational organizations across the globe is giving a new dimension to the higher education system.

Today’s global competitive business environment demands flexible and versatile managers with keen desire to learn and upgrade their skills as the technology advances. This has made international online education more vibrant and a rewarding experience.

Why an International MBA from Ural Business school? Why not here in India with some Indian B-School?

Ural provides you with a globally accepted ‘international MBA’ degree. Most other universities or institutes provide State or University recognition, which may not be accepted in most other countries. Hence, professionals striving for a global career have immense advantage if they enroll at Ural.

So let us assume you have done your MBA from Ural. What next? Promotion chances increase; yes. Apart from this, if you have been looking out for better job prospects, Jaro provides you with 100% placement assistance.

So if you have been looking for the correct place which provides you with humungous leaps towards the sky, then this is it. This is just modesty that I am throwing. With experienced faculty providing you international subject knowledge, you are sure to attain great heights you have always been planning to achieve and even more.

Now, there is so much to offer, I believe you are eyeing me with too much suspicion, some of you are even wondering if they have to sell off their shelter to gain all this knowledge.

But, before you are put off, let me tell you, that because of the strategic planning and sheer hard-work, Ural-Jaro tie up has made sure the student benefits with all the amenities and fruitful learning at affordable rates, easy installments and have also made bank-loan facilities available; solely because they believe, “The more you give, the more you get!”