Go EASY Bro!


I had a friend who was my ex associate at an MNC. In my accord, he was the most hardworking man I had ever known. One weekend we decided to catch up for lunch as he wanted to discuss something important. During lunch he spilled the beans and told me that his new organization was looking forward to fire him. I was left aghast since in my head, he was the best suited man for that job. He said that he has occupied the same position for more years than anyone should and this has become a stumbling block for others because he is blocking the way of other aspirants for promotion. He himself cannot be promoted because beyond that level the organization needs an MBA to fill those positions.

“Do an MBA no” I suggested, which was almost the most natural thought any Tom, Dick or Harry could process, in a few Pico seconds.

He looked at me relentlessly with his face now turning red as if I had asked him to murder the waiter! And then in the same expression, he proceeded “You think I don’t know I need to do that? i.. it’s not as easy as it looks!”

“Going for higher education after a long break doesn’t sound so thrilling to me” he continued. “After entering the corporate world most pros don’t like studying. Another factor that creates a mental block to going for it is that I cannot quit my job to do an MBA! Considering these factors acquiring an MBA degree seems to be an unachievable distant dream. Now, ‘finance’ is another biggie. I don’t want to have a promotion at the cost of mortgaging my house. Do I? And unless I do it from the best MBA college in India, it doesn’t make sense.”

Solutions to these problems are not as easy as having cake, I inferred.

But then, Jaro happened to me, which shouted loud. “Go EASY bro.” It’s natural to overestimate and exaggerate the consequences. An online MBA degree is a simple option which goes hand in hand with your job and you’re able to fulfill your family responsibilities at the same time. Another benefit of online MBA programs is that even organizations give it equal value to that of any traditional brick-wall MBA program.

Online MBA with Jaro Education

Jaro education provides collaboration with universities like URAL Federal University, Alliance University, and Bharathiar University which are listed amongst the best B-Schools in India and abroad. The benefits of these programs are not just the advanced education but also the placement assistance provided by jaro education. Jaro education without compromising with the quality of education makes learning convenient in the following manner:

  • Online recorded lectures, convenient to access anytime-anywhere across the world.
  • Complete study material provided at door steps. Also, PDFs, presentations are provided through online mode.
  • The flexibility in scheduling your own exam time table as per your time and date availability.
  • Extremely proficient industry experts give lectures, giving valuable industry insights.
  • Also the individual gets the convenience to appear at the nearest exam centre.

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