Online MBA In Retail Management

The Indian retail industry is rapidly growing in the positive direction. Several new retail outlets are coming up. The retail industry has become a strong pillar in the economy as it accounts for 14 to 15 percent of the GDP. This industry has around 1.2 billion people in it and is growing faster. An estimated date predicts that by 2020, the Indian retail market industry will reach USD 1.3 trillion.

164473592“Buyer is the King of the market” is the only principle which this industry follows and believes in. retailer provides the right commodity of right price to the right customer on the right time through the right medium. In the Earlier days, there was only one option of buying commodities; the “kinara shop”. You used to get all the commodities in one shop. In those days, the system of discounts didn’t exist. The prices were fixed and you had no other option except adjusting with whatever services they provided.

The times have changed. We live in an Era of Innovation. Every segment of life is undergoing tremendous change. Technology has become more developed. The retail industry has now taken the shape of huge shopping malls providing everything under one roof. It is very common to enter a retail outlet and see the board of discount. This is the most effective technique used by retailers today to pursue the customer to buy their product.

Retail management:

We are aware that the most balanced and effective management leads to success. No business can function without management. Many Multinational brands have opened their outlets in India. As a result of this, huge numbers of job vacancies have come up in the retail sector. Currently, the retail sector of India has around 12 million stores. Hence it is the second largest employer.

What makes the Retail Industry Different?

  • Personalized and direct interaction between the Buyer and seller
  • Customer service at its best
  • Sale done in large quantities
  • Discounts offers and promotional cash saving schemes
  • Various job vacancies

There are two types of retailing; organized and unorganized. By organized we mean shopping malls, huge complexes etc and unorganized means small street shops, vendors etc.

Online MBA in Retail Management:

From the above information, it is clear that this industry is flourishing. It has many job vacancies in all its segments. Why not take advantage of this and make a career in Retail Industry? After all, we all learn an MBA program for acquiring good quality higher paying jobs. Online MBA in Retail Management is the perfect choice for this.

Careers after Online MBA in Retail Management:

  • Store manager
  • Retail manager
  • Logistics and Warehouse Managers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Supply Chain Distributors
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • Sales
  • Become an Entrepreneur and start your own retail store/ Brand

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