Online MBA In Information Technology

Future Technology DisplayInformation technology is considered as a complex sector. In simple words, Information Technology is to design, understand, study and develop the software and hardware computer systems and networks, which are required for obtaining, processing and then distributing essential data. Like all other sectors, Information Technology has gone through enormous growth and advancements. Many IT companies have been established. This has resulted in increased demand of professionals in this field.

Computer systems are very complicated. You need to have detailed knowledge of all the aspects of the system in order to have a successful career in this industry.

Information Technology and Business:

One may wonder how Information Technology is linked with Business. Very simple. Business organizations require management which is acquired in the best way with the help of Technology. Information Technology enhances the functions of all different departments like Operations, Marketing, Human Resource, Advertising and Media, Finance etc. it plays a vital role in the security operations.

All business organizations/ companies are unique in their own way. They all have specific requirement of specialized software systems for running their business. Some companies join hands with a reputed software manufacturing companies to ensure the best productivity. Sometimes. Software’s are customized and made as per the requirement.

The managers have to undergo quality training for handling these software systems.

Information Technology helps the managers to adapt new business practices and predict the possible impacts of the new global technologies on business. The managers benefit from the computer software/ packages by storing all the confidential matter in them. This is the most secure place for it. When needed, the data is just a single click away. This is called as” Convenience at its best”!

Online MBA in Information Technology:

An MBA in Information Technology helps the Professionals who are already working in an IT organization as well as the interested individuals to become a part of the evolving e-business module with expertise in e-commerce and other online shopping portals.

With a Revolutionary advancement in technology; every organization is standing on the base of technology and this program will help you to deal efficiently with the technological issues in an organization. Concepts of managing and creating IT security will teach you to create a secure IT infrastructure at the workplace and managing projects will provide enhancements in the understanding of managing IT projects.

Career options:

  • Information Technology Management Consultant
  • Management Information Systems Director
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • IT Director
  • Information Architect
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical Editor/ Writer
  • Content Manager
  • Systems Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Media Manager

Jaro Education provides 2 Years Online MBA programs in Information Technology offered by Bharathiar University. This program is tailored for the working professionals, students and Entrepreneurs to develop key leadership and management skills within them.

Bharathiar University is accredited by ‘NAAC’ with ‘A’ Grade and is UGC/ AICTE/ DEC approved.

Key features of this program are:

  • Video Lectures
  • Industry Speakers
  • Study Materials and Books
  • Study Centers
  • Student Placement Services

Subjects covered under this Program:

  • Technology Platforms
  • Knowledge Management
  • IT Project Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Data Management, Databases and Organizations
  • 1 Project and Introduction to Research Methodology

Enroll today in this unique Program and have a future filled with opportunities!