What Is An Executive MBA Program


When you decide to apply for a particular program, you should have complete knowledge about it. Incomplete or false knowledge about anything is very dangerous. Don’t come on a decision without understanding and examining all the factors.

MBA is the most demanded and beneficial Degree preferred by both; the working professionals as well as the students.

Executive MBA Program:

  • It is also known as E-MBA.
  • It is a graduate level Business degree.
  • The main differentiating factor between a regular MBA program and an Executive MBA program is that the latter is designed for educating the working executives, entrepreneurs and managers along with other business leaders.
  • This program has special focus on providing convenience and benefits to the working class. They are given the advantage of attending the classes on weekends or in the evenings as preferred by them.
  • The duration of the program is generally less; hence it saves your most valuable asset i.e. time.

Who can do this program?

  • Working professionals seeking higher growth in their career.
  • The students who are in the mid stage of their career and want to increases opportunities for themselves.

Is this program affordable?

           This is a highly subjective point. It can and does vary from one institute to the other. Each one has its own unique fee structure and functions as per it. Sometimes, if the cost is high, the option of scholarships is made available for the deserving candidate.

What are the career opportunities after this program?

           Once you earn an executive MBA, you have the choice of either continuing in the current job position or apply for a desired position. You may now be eligible and considered worthy of gaining a promotion or increment in terms of career opportunities. You get the chance of exploring more advanced career options in your industry or in another industry of your choice. There are various organizations and companies that are on constant need of suitable Executives with an MBA background.

The most appropriate place to this program:

     Jaro Education is a Premier Online Education Institution in India. It has brought the prestigious Russian International MBA from URAL University for the benefit of management aspirants in India.

URAL Federal University is among the top universities in Russia which carries out research in various subjects. It has been successful in placing more than 3, 00,000 professionals and scholars in different spheres of work. It has achieved all this in the span of over 90 years.

International Executive PGDM Program

  • The duration of this program is 1 year.
  • It is structured and designed keeping in mind the requirements of the working professionals and provides an in-depth understanding of business operations.
  • This program is ideal for acquiring exposure to the International corporate world and to develop the fundamentals of management and entrepreneurial skills.
  • It plays the role of facilitating easy promotions and also elevates employment prospects at the global level.
  • It helps in building an essence of Entrepreneurship within the students.

In mere 12 months, you can gain exceptional knowledge that would make you grow in your present career as well as build a strong foundation for your future aspirations!!

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