Benefits Of Executive PGDM In Retail Management

We have many expectations when we enter into a retail shop or a shopping mall etc. These expectations include best quality of products, cost efficiency, friendly and supportive staff, nice ambience to be in and most importantly customer oriented services. There are differences in experience which depends upon the choice you make. But when your expectations are met and you return with a smile on your face and contentment in your heart, do you know who makes this possible?

Retails ManagementRetail Management is the word. And now with the introduction of Executive PGDM in Retail Management program, the accomplishment of this has become easier and much more enhanced. We know that retail industry isn’t a small one. It is spread over wide sectors and goes beyond geographical boundaries and limitations. If you are one of the aspirants who is seeking a future career in this industry then it is evident that you have to acquire the required pre requisites for it.

In order to have a prospering and successful career in this sector you need to have pre requisite qualities like;

  • Focus and determination
  • Soft and strong communication skills
  • Calm and patience in all situations
  • Leadership qualities and efficiency of leading others towards the common goal
  • Working knowledge of all concepts regarding retail management
  • Powerful and reliable analytical skills

The qualification does not end here. Only having the above few qualities does not entitle you towards sitting on a decent position in this industry. For this you will be required the knowledge of each small concept relating to this industry and its various functions.

Executive PGDM program is the best companion for this. Through this program you can attain the required quality knowledge by studying at your pace and comfort. A retail manager has to look after the proper functioning of all the activities which take place in the retail outlet or center. This includes supervising, keeping record of all the incoming and outgoing products, maintaining financial records, catering to the efficient functioning, redressing of all complaints of the consumers etc.

Understanding the need of expertise and professionalism in this industry, jaro education in collaboration with Alliance University is providing a 16 months weekend classes executive PGDM program. The Alliance Executive PGDM program takes you through the journey of gaining all the necessary knowledge of the retail industry so that you can take up a successful career in it.

All programs from this University are self paced and student friendly. They have a pool of experienced and industry professional faculty members who guide the students throughout the completion of this program.

Subjects taught under this program are: International Retailing, Consumer Buying Behavior, Retail Buying Technique, Franchising, Retail Management, Visual Merchandising, 1 Project and the Introduction to Research Methodology.

Alliance offers one of the best Executive PGDM programs in India. After completion of the program you can pursue career prospects like;

  • Customer Sales Associate
  • Department Head
  • Floor Manager
  • Retail Operations Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Visual Merchandisers
  • Back-end Operations Manager
  • Retail Communication Manager
  • Retail Marketing Executives

For achieving something you have to follow the appropriate path. Make the choice today and enjoy the results tomorrow!!