Boost your Marketing Career with an Executive MBA degree!

In the current scenario, a career in the domain of marketing is considered to be extremely lucrative. This is majorly because marketing is indispensible to any business entity. No organization, in any sector of business, can enjoy popularity and success without an effective marketing strategy. With the number of business enterprises growing at a cumulative rate, the demand for marketing professionals is also on the rise. The domain of marketing is currently experiencing a widescale competition, with more than 67% of management students opting for marketing as their career.

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With the rising competition in these domain employers currently look forward to employees who possess an industry-specific and extensive knowledge of marketing. Possessing an extensive knowledge from a reputed university will always gives candidates an edge to their marketing career. Therefore, a very large number of professionals are opting for an Executive PGDM, with a specialization in Marketing, to enhance their career opportunity to a considerable degree.  Executive PGDM Courses are especially designed to cater to the requirements of candidates, who already possess work experience in the concerned field and are willing to opt for a post-graduation degree to further enhance their career growth.

The following are the major queries that arise in the mind of the candidates who opt for Executive PGDM Programs and have an urge to work in the domain of marketing:

What is the scope of Executive PGDM in India?

Executive PGDM is an education program intended to train executives and help them deal with the emerging business demands of the industry. The scope of an Executive PGDM course in India is extensive as it provides professionals with a better chance to enhance their career opportunities. Professionals completing an Executive MBA program experience an increase of 45%-55% increase in their salary.

What are the job prospects in Marketing Management?

All kinds of organizations, from mutli-national corporations to small businesses and non-profit organizations depend on marketing management to spread the word about the work that they do. Therefore, a person with marketing management has a number of career opportunities, which they can opt for. Marketing is a multi-faceted area of operations, which includes sales, non-sales and digital marketing. Therefore, marketing offers a wide scale career growth as individuals in the domain of marketing experience a cumulative career growth, especially for individuals who possess an Executive PGDM in Marketing Management.

What are the career options associated with Executive PGDM Marketing Management?

An executive PGDM in marketing management can pave the way to success in almost any industry. Professionals can opt for careers in the senior positions of any business enterprise. Marketing, sales, market research analysts or similar professions are some of the career options that can be opted by individuals with an Executive MBA in Marketing Management.

jaro education is a prominent name in the education sector, which provides Executive PGDM from Alliance University. Having operated in the domain for over 6 years, Jaro Education is one of the most prominent names in the Indian Educational Sector. jaro education provides Executive PGDM, of 16 months duration, from Alliance University. Established in the year 2010, Alliance University is the first private university of Karnataka. Approved by UGC (University Grants Commission) and IACBS (International Assembly for Collegiate Business School), the university is one of the significant universities of the country, providing an industry-based curriculum.

Alliance University provides a curriculum, especially designed to cater to the requirements of the working professionals. Being devised by expert professionals of the industry, the program module is designed in a way that it provides industry-extensive knowledge, which will help professionals in achieving a cumulative career growth. Candidates are provided with an option to choose the program in either Campus Mode or the Mixed Mode. Alliance University possesses a highly educated panel of 108 full-time faculty members, 60% of whom are PhD-holders. The candidates opting for Executive PGDM are also provided with the contact information of the faculties, in order to facilitate an interactive way of learning.  Students of this program are provided with 16 months of weekend classes, so that they can achieve the management degree without compromising on their professional front. Candidates are provided with exhaustive Virtual Classroom Facility (VCF) Lectures and also an E-Learning Toolkit, covering all aspects of the syllabus. The university conducts guest lectures by industry professionals, with an aim to provide a pervasive industry-exposure to the candidates of the Executive PGDM program.

Executive PGDM in Marketing Management is the stairway to success for the ones who aim for a prosperous career in the domain of marketing. With an aim to provide a faster career growth to the professionals of the concerned industry, the executive PGDM from Alliance University provides the much-needed boost to ones career in any domain of the industry.