The Institute matters more than the Degree

MBA programs were created in the 1950s because corporations felt that new employees lacked general management skills and as a result, many talented hires had to be taught on the job the basics of business such as accounting, finance, market research, and more.

Corporations started to demand that schools give them better trained employees. In response, many schools designed MBA programs as a crash course for talented individuals to get a fundamental overview of how big businesses worked. MBAs were not designed to help you advance your career; they were designed to make you a commendable employee at a larger firm. In fact, most large firms paid for your MBA and you, in return, committed to joining them for several years.

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Fast forward to today, you’ll notice many people opting for a different career path in business than simply joining a large corporation and working there for a good 25 years. MBA programs were not designed to teach students how to be entrepreneurs, run small businesses, or manage their personal career goals in an ever-changing world. Whereas, MBA today has refurbished from the traditional “classroom learning” mode, to the online mode. The internet is the basic source for all kinds of data and information for the generation today. Hence, schools and institutes today focus on the working professionals who require to be fine-tuned further. These executives cannot spare time traveling to their specific B-school and attending classes while missing work. That is how the online MBA comes into picture.

It is a convenient medium and also compels the working professionals to have basic technical knowledge and make complete use of the resources provided by their institute. Also, institutes that engage in a modernistic approach have an updated syllabus, as compared to the traditional medium that takes a few months or years for a new syllabus to be accepted. However, there is a loop to this too. An MBA degree from any institute will not give you as many perks as earning a degree from a reputed B-school.

Ten years ago — regardless of which program they went into, as long as they had a general idea of where they wanted to take their career —MBA was a great investment. Today, I cannot state that belief anymore. In fact, if one wants an MBA, one should go to one of the top five schools, otherwise the return on investment is just not present. Bharathiar University is one such B-school which offers a 2 year online MBA program and is custom-made for working professionals. It offers student placement service, a bank of video lectures that can be listened to at the student’s convenience, study materials and books, and speakers from the industry.