What are the job prospects after an MBA(marketing)?

Better marketing is the panacea that companies have prescribed for themselves to ward off the ills of recession. Therefore, MBAs from the Marketing stream are even more sought after than they were in good times earlier. Almost all of the best online MBA programs in India offer a specialization in Marketing Management so that the working professionals refine their skills. A buffet of various jobs in industries such as retail, banking, hospitality, media, information technology (IT) and information technology enabled services (ITES), and free-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are lavishly spread before them. These professionals will then be called brand manager, sales manager, marketing manager, product manager, market research analyst, media planner, or Internet marketing manager.

In a nutshell, a brand manager is responsible for the promotion and placement of the brands of a company and data collection of rival brands. A sales manager sets sales targets and monitors distribution and customer service. A marketing manager evolves marketing strategy, but also focuses on retaining customers. A product manager manages the delivery of products to customers and is also in-charge of the profitability and market growth of products. A market research analyst devises methods of data collection, analyses data, conveys the data to the business development team, and helps in evolving marketing strategies. A media planner selects the means of advertising products and helps the marketing team meet targets. An Internet/online marketing manager is responsible for a wide range of web marketing avenues such as social media marketing, pay per click marketing, search engine optimization, and website content.


While an undergraduate BA might get you started, many companies want someone with an MBA, especially in certain industries. This is where an online MBA program comes into picture which helps an individual study while working. Apart from marketing, an MBA can make you more attractive to employers and help give you an edge in the MBA job market:

  1. IT Manager

IT managers oversee a company’s computer system. That can mean ensuring computer systems meet a company’s needs, upgrading technology and keeping the system secure. It also frequently includes managing IT personnel.

Many companies require IT managers to have a master’s degree, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Companies prefer managers with IT experience, sometimes in a lower-level management position. MBAs have the management experience to lead an IT team, with the skills to deal with executives.

The BLS expects job growth to be 18 per cent through to 2020. MBA graduates who stay ahead of the latest technological innovations will have an improved chance of employment.

  1. Financial Manager

Finance is a great match for MBAs because it is a field that closely aligns with graduate education. Financial managers oversee a company’s financial condition, preparing or reviewing financial reports, analyzing trends and advising the top management personnel on finances and profits.

Many companies want financial managers with an MBA, as these candidates tend to have the analytical abilities and software knowledge required to do the job. Experience in finance industry is naturally beneficial.

The need for financial managers should grow by 9 per cent, with MBA grads expected to have the best prospects.

  1. Financial Advisor

Another finance-job that seeks out MBA graduates is that of a financial advisor. Financial advisors provide investment, retirement, tax and insurance guidance for clients, including financial goals or investment strategies. This option is especially tempting for those who want to be their own boss, as 25 per cent are self-employed, according to the BLS.

An MBA could help financial advisors attract clients. For those who are not self-employed, an MBA can make it easier to move into a management role.

The bureau expects the need for financial advisors to increase by 32 per cent between now and 2020.

  1. HR Manager

Increasing demands on human resources departments drives the need for skilled HR managers. This position directs administrative action for an entire company and works in recruiting and hiring for an organization. Experience and an MBA can open advancement into this position, as HR managers work closely with executives and participate in strategic planning.

  1. Management Analyst

Management analysts recommend improvements to companies on costs, personnel, finances, alternate practices or work on solving specific problems. About 23 percent are self-employed.

The BLS reports that 28 per cent of management analysts have an MBA, and many companies prefer the graduate degree. Employers also prefer workers with experience in HR, IT or management.

The disciplines and knowledge you gain from an MBA strongly increases your chances to enter any of these fields and unlocks the path for advancement, especially when coupled with a few years of experience. The 2-year Online MBA at Bharathiar University is tailor-made for working professionals and encourages students to gain practical experience while studying. The university offers video lectures, industry speakers, study materials and books to be delivered at your doorstep. Also, they provide placement services so that a fruitful job is guaranteed by the end of the course.