In spite of HR being one of the oldest specializations, HR jobs will always be in demand

There’s a certain irony in applying for a position in human resources (HR). You sit on one side of the desk as an applicant but if you get the job, you might just vault right over that desk into the hiring seat. Pursuing an HR career is not for the faint hearted. Being responsible for making hiring and firing decisions, keeping watch over employee welfare and handling a company’s most sensitive information isn’t for everyone. You feel like you’re up for the challenge, but you must know what exactly will be expected of you. One of the Top executive MBA colleges in India, Alliance University offers a specialization in Human Resource Management which gives in-depth knowledge about the practical usage of skills required for an HR job.

hrmYou are quite correct in your assertion that human resources is something that is needed everywhere. You could even argue that HR is the most important job in the world, because staffing determines everything about an organization. A company’s success or failure hinges on the performance and loyalty of its employees, from the highest executive to the lowest customer service agent. It is up to the HR department to make staffing decisions, and the managers are in charge of the department as a whole. A good HR manager can raise a company to new heights, while a poor one can be responsible for its undoing.

So, yes. All companies need excellent HR managers. It’s a good idea to think about the growth rate for the profession to get a gauge for the opportunity, though. HR management is growing at a rate of 13%, which is about the same rate as all other occupations in the country. This represents 600 new openings between 2017 and 2020. Keep in mind that a lot of people go into HR, so you will encounter a lot of competition if you decide to pursue this field. Hence, you should consider aiming for a higher degree which will make you more competitive for openings in this field i.e. the Executive PGDM program at Alliance University which is a 16-month program, provides campus as well as online mode so that you can gain experience as an HR executive while studying the intricacies of the job, because you’ll definitely need some experience in human resources before you move up to a management position.

“While HR professionals with a broad base of knowledge are still in very high demand, we do anticipate that organizations will gravitate this year toward candidates with more specific skill sets to cope with an increasingly complex workforce environment,” says Kathryn Bolt, group president of Randstad Professionals and Tatum. “HR specialists must bring deeper expertise to the executive team around critical matters such as talent acquisition and retention, succession and compensation planning as well as workforce engagement—all while contributing to more informed business decisions.”

HR managers take on an incredible amount of responsibility. Their decisions determine the health of an entire company. HR managers that make executive hiring decisions are particularly valued. A bachelor’s degree may not be sufficient to become a human resources manager, hence a master’s degree is required. Work experience is just as important. The experience of being in the HR team and being responsible for day-to-day tasks in the workplace helps a lot before you take up a spot in HR management either at your company or another. So look into the Executive PGDM at Alliance University while gaining enough experience as an HR executive as very few universities will allow you to do so. Within a few more years, you could become a human resource manager.