Top 5 “out of the box” business-ideas

For those who believe there are “no new business ideas out there” or “all are taken”, we present 5 businesses that are truly and literally out of the box.

Business ideas come out of nowhere. Some are born out of frustration while some are born at leisure time. Some are born by observing people while some are born by eavesdropping (yes, it isn’t a wrong practice when it comes to businesses.) To encourage them further, one can consider the 2-year PGDM distance learning course at Mumbai, offered by NMIMS. This program would further sharpen your skills and enable you to take the idea forward and make it into a business.

out-of-the-box-inkman-590Here are our picks for the 10 most interesting businesses to emerge in the last year.

Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Product

Everybody on earth notices and loathes the wrinkles caused due to our weird ways of sleeping. Nobody wakes up looking like David Beckham or Angelina Jolie. But this sleep product tries to make you look like them when you wake up. This product wants you to bid farewell to wrinkles and bedhair, and welcome a “blossoming you” when you wake. This pillow doesn’t create wrinkles on your face and keeps your hair intact, exactly the way you slept. Mumbani fresh face pillow makes it happen!

Embrace Infant Warmer

When premature babies take birth in remote villages, they die from lack of medical care. To change their outcome, San Francisco-based nonprofit organization Embrace Global initiated a change.

In 2010, Embrace Global introduced its $25 baby warmer, a sleeping bag for infants that serves as a backcountry incubator and works without electricity. The heating element in the bag is removable and can be recharged whenever required, in boiling water. The product is unceasingly winning attention from nonprofit organizations, healthcare workers and the media around the globe.


Goodbox, a conversational-commerce mobile app allows businesses to create a store on the app that is similar to the physical environment where the merchant can chat with their customer, upload their product/service catalogue for search and discovery, take orders, accept payment and get logistic support. The idea maybe easily born, but to initiate and take it further as a business idea, the PGDM program at NMIMS provides the necessary push for the business to generate.

Operational in Bangalore with over 1200 merchants already signed up, this start-up has been co-founded by Abey Zacharia, Anand Kelaginamani, Charan Raj to create a portal for all the merchants to sell and get customers globally.


At least once in our entire lives, we have all wished for our day-to-day activities. i.e. running around, cycling, swimming—to be of some use. And of course, cell phones always require a backup charging device as they are drained off batteries exactly when you need it the most. Tremont Electric of Cleveland fused these two to create a unique product.

The pack collects the kinetic energy produced by the user’s movements throughout the day and uses this energy to charge a battery. nPowerPEG which is priced at around $150 can be used to charge small mobile devices such as iPods or phones.

Storage by the Box

We all tend to hold on to our stuff, and don’t wish to let it go; even if we haven’t used it in the last three months and haven’t seen it in the last year. We are very attached to our things and it takes tears and blood to trash the things we don’t really require.

This Chicago based company did come to our rescue! They allow us to box away our belongings that we haven’t used since long, and can call back for it at our convenience. Storage by the Box charges only for the space used—saving customers up to 60 percent on storage costs— and tracks each box with a numbering system. You can take photos of your stuff before you send it, and you can locate your items for prompt return later.

These 5 innovative startups are giving exciting products and services to their users. NMIMS encourages entrepreneurs and innovative ideas, thus providing a specialization in Business Management, as a part of their distance learning PGDM program. Hats off to these entrepreneurs for providing us these products for our convenience.