Why to consider an Online MBA course to pursue Export Management?

Basically, Export Management is the application of management processes in the functioning of exporting goods and services. An Export Manager handles the people and tasks involved in the exporting process. So it has a lot to do with the particular requirement of companies, timely deliverables, quality of product and mode of transport for the export process. There are very few universities that offer a specialization in Export Management. It is a growing field and definitely requires skills to be executes best. Bharathiar University offers an Online MBA degree with a specialization in Export management, as it is the need of the hour, based on the growing globalization.


Merchandise Exports

Export Merchandising is a method of offering retail goods for sale in a foreign consumer market. A lot many foreign companies maintain an entire division dedicated to export merchandising to retail markets across borders, increase profits and sustain growth. It is basically, the advertisements of goods and services for sale at retail locations.

Usually, every company’s marketing sector keeps a tab on introducing products in the global market, and deciding on an appropriate time of the year to start the merchandising campaigns. The companies should also find suitable retail locations so that the products are well accepted and it provides adequate access to the target consumers.

Service Exports

This literally means exporting services, that aren’t in physical forms i.e. technical, professional or general services like construction, design, engineering, architectural, entertainment, or technical consultancy services and more. This sector takes up a great share of the economy, in spite of it not being easily exported. Services are more often time dependent than goods as, when time passes, the demand for the service withers too and the service is no longer valued.

Selling services are also more personal than selling products as it often involves dealing with the consumers directly. It is extremely important to know these skills in detail so as it to perform it well. Very few online courses for MBA provide such in-depth knowledge. If one knows and has studied the theories required for successful export functions, the organization in turn will grow.

Deemed Exports

Deemed Export is a category of export has been introduced by the Export Import Policy of the Government of India.

It includes:

→ Supply of goods against duty free licenses

→ Supply of goods to projects financed by multilateral or bilateral agencies/Funds notified by the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

→ Supply of goods like power, oil and gas including refineries

Importance of Global Economy

Globalization of businesses due to digital technologies has caused the Internet to become a very important medium for the exporting of goods and services for companies to keep up with their competitors. In turn, exports and imports helps economies of various countries grow, across borders. The more a country exports, the more the country’s domestic economic activity is occurring. Countries aim to be net exporters rather than net importers.

Very few online MBA programs in India will give you an in-depth knowledge about this trending field. Considering the pace at which the technological advances are booming, companies are bound to engage in activities that result in fast-paced progress.   A country being a net exporter leads to its gross domestic product to raise, which is the total value of the finished goods and services it produces in a given period of time.