Why you should consider pursuing an Executive PGDM in Lean Operations Management

Hard work and efficiency is the key to success. If you work hard and are efficient, you are bound to succeed in whichever endeavor you take up. This is true even for organizations. If the system set in place isn’t efficient, then the result too is bound to be less than perfect. For an organization, this translates into a huge setback financially. So, what could be done to resolve such a situation? Enter—a Lean operations manager.


Who is a Lean Operations professional?

A Lean operations professional is the one who focuses on the methods in which the efficiency of an organization could be increased. Say, you have a manufacturing plant that has a huge storage of excess raw materials. It’s possible for the raw materials to be wasted due to several reasons like improper storage facilities causing leakage or reaction with the atmosphere. The storage process, hence, needs to be thorough. However, if you don’t keep excess raw materials in storage in the first place and buy them on a need-for basis, you’d be saving up a lot of revenue which was spent earlier.

There is a clear need for modifications in the process. This is where a lean operation manager comes into picture. He/she would perform an in-depth analysis on the process present and would find methods by which wastage could be avoided.

How does a lean operations manager contribute to an organization

A lean operations manager has the major task of optimizing the entire efficiency of a company. This involves a thorough look into all the resources involved and the process set. Modifying a process so that the quantity as well as the quality of the yield improves in such a way that no resources are wasted is a massive task to achieve.

Another way a lean operations manager helps in reducing the capital cost is by finding ways for inventory reductions as well as production-time reductions. They also look into the manpower present, lest there are any redundant roles taking up much-valuable resources. Hence, a lean operation manager looks into each and every aspect of a company, making them invaluable and in demand. Therefore, they are always in demand.

How can you become a lean operations manager?

There are many PGDM programs offered by several institutions that allow specializations in Lean Operations Management. However, one of the best programs offered is the one by Alliance University. The Alliance Executive PGDM is one of the most popular Executive PGDM course in India. The thing that makes this so unique is the fact that it’s only 16 months long.

Why Alliance University?

Alliance University is an AICTE-approved university that is well-known for all its courses, especially its Executive PGDM course in Lean Operations Management. It is specially designed so that every working professional who wishes to pursue the specialization can do so without giving up their job. It offers its specializations in campus as well as mixed mode. Hence, depending on your preference, you can take up the mode that best suits your needs. The course is also updated frequently to match the industry standards and requirements, making this more favorable to employers over its counterparts. Additionally, it is much cheaper as compared to traditional MBAs, which means you can gain a degree in your chosen field without creating a big hole in your pocket.

Another thing to note here is that it’s very important that you do your distance PGDM from a well-known reputed institute for that is the preference observed among organizations. Alliance is one of the most popular universities among organizations, which makes its Executive PGDM course invaluable.

Hence, choose Alliance if you want to pursue a fruitful career in your chosen specialization, especially for Lean Operations Management. If you have any queries regarding this course, please feel free to leave a comment below.