Business Analytics – The Alliance Executive PGDM to pursue

Do you love patterns? Does the thought of preparing flow charts or graphs based on current data using Excel, SQL, Oracle, or other programs bring butterflies to your stomach, much like being in love? Don’t worry, you’re not in love. You’re just a Business analytics professional yet to happen.

Being a Business analytics (BA) professional is not everyone’s cup of tea. You would be the sole person responsible for figuring out patterns in an organization’s business structure, which in turn would form the basis for many business moves and solutions. If this doesn’t scare you and instead gets you excited, then you’re one of the few people who are simply born for this niche specialization. Let’s take a closer look at what all the buzz about this specialization is.


What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics (BA) is a management stream in which a student learns how to work on presenting data by means of statistical analysis, data mining, etc. It is used by companies that are driven by data. All their decision-making and business plans are based solely on data, mostly in the form of statistics or patterns. For such companies, data is the driving force and is considered an asset.

Companies use BA to come to many business decisions. The statistics provided by a BA professional prove to be the base for several high-end plans and decisions, which in turn changes the direction of a company’s business plan. These companies use BA to even predict their growth and take actions accordingly so that their business outcome is positive.

Hence, as a BA professional, when presented with data, you’d be looking at things like “What happened,” “Why it happened,” “What is happening now,” “What is likely to happen,” and “What can happen given the behavior of the data or community” and present it in a way a layman can understand. This is going to be the basis of your reporting and thus, would be the basis for a company’s decisions. Hence, a BA professional is a very important and on-demand role among organizations, especially those that are driven by data.

The Alliance Executive PGDM in Business Analytics

Alliance University has one of the best Executive PGDM programs in India, especially in the Business Analytics specialization. Their executive PGDM is designed especially for working professionals who want to pursue their PGDM while working. This means there are a lot of flexibilities offered, which makes it convenient and very much a realistic mode of PGDM for those working. Ranked as one of the top B-schools in the country, the Alliance Executive PGDM program stands apart from its counterparts in the fact that it’s only 16 months long. You’d be directly studying your chosen specialization, without the common MBA or PGDM first-year subjects. This way, you focus solely on your specializations and upgrade your career much more quickly. And not only that, you’d be paying only for the specialization, which means a visibly smaller fee that is affordable and realistic.

Hence, if you’re thinking of pursuing your management in Business Analytics, then Alliance University should definitely be on your list. Your employers definitely have them in their list, hence, it wouldn’t hurt to be a part of it, now would it? If you have any queries regarding Alliance Executive PGDM, then feel free to leave a comment below.