Placement options for Online MBA graduates

With the academic year coming to an end, students in large numbers are seen sitting outside their college campuses. The campus placement at a university saw Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) roping in a whopping 1,091 students last month, with Wipro, HCL, and Accenture following suit. But it was also marked by the absence of two other top-notch companies. Similarly another university had Cognizant taking in as many as 1,500 students with other companies recruiting in smaller numbers.

Except a few, universities offering online MBA programs in India seldom provide placement support. “All big companies have a mechanism to induct fresh MBA graduates. But the problem lies in the fact that all big companies have a clear ranking of institutions,” a senior HR manager from an MNC says. Such problems can be tackled with, if the college has established a wide network. Students can rely on their colleges, if the university or college is age-old and has ties, national and international.

Summer Internship performance of MBA students is also considered to be critical, as it shows how the student has leveraged the internship opportunity to his/her benefit and the contribution of the student to the organization. It also shows whether the student was able to relate and implement the theory into practice for the project assigned. Online MBAs in India are slowly emerging and gaining importance. Distance learning and online learning are slowly being recognized. Companies now consider students who earn an MBA through online learning, if they have used the time saved, for something more productive. These colleges and universities, like Bharathiar University, do provide placement support and assistance.


“Only about seven colleges in Hyderabad get campus placements nearing 100 percent. Most students from other colleges have to either take up courses in proprietary software or have to go for further studies,” Siddhartha Malempati of Forum. Hence, it is extremely necessary to choose a college which is renowned. While most students opt for a short course and then get into a software company, HRs of MNCs still feel that higher studies are necessary for MBA graduates. “Joining a nondescript college or university for a master’s degree will not fetch the desired results as companies view the institutions with a clear hierarchy,” an HR professional says.

This is what HRs say when they consider classroom learning programs. When it comes to online MBA courses, they have become more welcoming. They know that the student can multitask and has potential to learn a lot more, than the average student. Firms today prefer to absorb students from an online learning background. “Well-known schools embrace online learning and meet high academic standards,” says Adam J. Samples, regional president of Atrium Staffing in New Jersey. The recruiters care about the accreditation and the reputation of the institution, the most.

It is extremely difficult to determine the accreditation of the institute or college, as all colleges claim to be the best. Jaro Education is a good platform that offers only accredited universities that offer part-time and online MBA programs, with placement support. They also handle the entire tedious admission process, and make sure the study material is delivered to your doorstep.