Full Time vs. Online MBA Programs

This is an ongoing debate in every household where the student wishes to pursue an MBA. There are now various options to pursue the degree. Parents usually side the traditional MBA, i.e. classroom learning, while students have now started thinking ahead of their times and prefer to opt for the online route. They know the requirement of employers today which compels them to gain work experience along with the Master’s degree. It is true that explaining how authentic a university is, becoming difficult to understand for our parents. Today’s generation believes in achieving a lot more than the rest, and stand out of the crowd. They demand the utilization of all the resources available to them to the fullest. Thus, online MBA programs in India are on a rise.

Full time MBAs occupy a lot of time, while online MBAs are flexible and don’t take up much of your time. However, both provide the same outcome: An MBA degree, managerial skills and business acumen. Parents usually feel that the online MBA would deprive you of interactive sessions with the faculty and other classmates. In fact, online MBAs allow you to have one on one session with the faculty, as the email ID is provided to you, and also, you can easily get in touch with the other students listening to the lecture along with you.

Some universities offering online MBAs like Bharathiar University also have study centers for students to attend personal contact programs. It offers a session for the students to get their doubts cleared in a classroom before the examination period. Bharathiar University is considered to offer one of the best online MBA programs in India. Credibility, accreditation and authenticity also becomes an issue for parents, and convincing them can be more tedious than the admission process. If you’re opting for an online MBA, it is necessary for the university to be a renowned one and also for it to provide placement assistance. Pursuing an online MBA will to be proven worthy to the employers, as they’ll want to know the reason for not choosing the traditional medium like the rest. The university you choose must be a renowned one for the employers to trust and consider you.

Also, age-old and renowned universities usually have a wide network of Fortune 500 companies for their students’ placement. Thus, such universities are always trusted. The peer group and acquaintances you form is also given a lot of importance, and you will face resistance regarding this for online MBAs too. In fact, people fail to understand that online MBAs allow you to connect with like-minded people across boundaries compared to traditional learning that restricts your contacts within the 4 walls of the classroom. Also there are false rumors about no internship opportunity if one opts for an online MBA. In fact, online MBAs give you the opportunity to work full-time at an organization.

Hence, the number of advantages of an online MBA, have outnumbered the disadvantages of it. Its high time parents understand this and students take up this route, as compared to the traditional learning medium. Jaro Education is a brilliant platform to enroll in management degrees, as they offer various universities for part-time and online MBA programs. Jaro takes care of the entire admission process for you, and also makes sure that the study material is delivered at your doorstep. Online MBA is the need of today’s tech-savvy and globalized world.