International MBA Program (IMBA): The Whole World in Your Hand

An international MBA program can open many doors for you. An international management degree not only gives you an edge over your peers, but also earns recognition and success for you in your organization. With the increase in the number of management colleges, students have many options to choose from. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should do an international MBA.

•    Better job opportunities
An international MBA degree can help get you closer to your dream job. Many people who enroll for an international management program are experienced professionals. A foreign degree can make you outshine in among your peers. You can attain a leadership role early in your career.

•    Lucrative salary package
You can earn a much higher salary as compared to all your colleagues because of a degree from a foreign university. There is a significant difference between the salaries earned by MBA graduates from foreign universities versus salaries of those from 2-tier or 3-tier management colleges.

•    Expand your network
While pursuing an MBA from a reputed international university, you will get opportunities to interact with many entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, professors from all over the world. The consolidated network of people you will meet while studying is sure to prove beneficial in the future. You’ll learn valuable business lessons from people who are successful in their respective domains.

•    Better exposure
An international MBA program can give you better exposure and learning. You will learn about the corporate culture and working standards of other countries. This will definitely help you in your career. You can be a global leader who can work in collaboration with people from other countries and culture. Also, it will help you in the future if you want to work overseas.

•    Job security
An international MBA degree can provide you job security. According to the recent news reports, I.T. companies are firing a large number of employees. With automation in various processes, hiring has come down to almost 60% lower than the previous year. An international MBA degree from a reputed foreign university can get you a secure job as automation and technology advancement cannot replace leaders and entrepreneurs.

•    Be your own boss
A number of young MBA graduates have a lot of business ideas, from wonderful to wacky. All those who wish to have creative freedom and make profits for themselves, starting your own firm can be a great idea. Getting investment will not be very difficult as many investors will invest in the start-ups initiated by young graduates with an esteemed degree. An MBA degree will help you start your own business.

If you are confused about the right college to pursue an MBA, Ural Federal University has the best programs to offer. Ural international MBA is designed for working professionals. The 2-year program provides knowledge and skills in the field of management and leadership. The International Executive MBA is a 1-year management program for experienced graduates and diploma holders.
The Ural MBA enables the participants to get international exposure along with better job opportunities and recognition.