MBA in Retail Management – As interesting as it gets!

After the liberalization era, many malls, multiplexes, and shopping centers have been emerging across the country. Having an enjoyable shopping experience in a shopping center, in an Indian city has always been the dream of an every Indian shopper. Providing a memorable shopping experience to the customers while serving in a shopping complex as a Retail Management professional is a very satisfying job to perform. The retail industry is the rapidly growing and challenging sector, which helps with the economic growth of the country. During the past few years, the demand for skilled professionals in the retail industry has increased. MBA in Retail Management is the right choice for those having a keen interest in merchandise, market and marketing, sales, advertising, campaigning and market research.

What is Retail Management?

The different processes which help customers to buy the desired merchandise from the retail store for their end user are known as Retail Management. It includes all the steps required to get the customers into the store and fulfil their buying needs. In easier words, retail management helps customers shop hassle free.

Why should one enrol for an Online MBA/MBA in Retail Management?

MBA in Retail Management will offer a wide range of job opportunities in India as well as abroad, only if the candidate possesses right attitude and skills for the service industry. While retail was started in the USA, India is still in its initial stage and is yet to witness huge change, diversification, growth and competition. With the ever-expanding consumption of goods in India, the companies with greater retail strategies, culture, consumer satisfaction, and knowledge will capture the larger share of the market. Those qualified with MBA in Retail Management will definitely have an edge over others as the chosen employees of the organized retailers and the candidates can expect good pay, better career growth, and will find career options in the future.


Currently, tier 2 and tier 3 Indian cities are also witnessing the expansion of shopping malls, fast-food chains, supermarkets, etc. and the scope of retailing is not just limited to these but also in the sector of automobile, banking, insurance, healthcare, FMCG, restaurants, luxury store, spa and wellness centers etc. With the growing demand, new job opportunities will be created in India. Retail Management will be one of the courses in demand.

What is the scope for students after doing MBA in Retail Management?

The students with an MBA degree in Retail Management are in more demand, as they have the knowledge of business research, market research, pricing and strategies. The supply is most favorable in India but there is always a huge demand for the retail professionals. Big companies such as Reliance, Star Bazaar, Big Bazaar makes millions of rupees due to the volume of products and commodities they sell. In addition to this companies, apparel rulers such as Westside and Pantaloons, shoe makers such as Regal, Bata, Metro use different methods to market their products and come up with creative strategies to sell their brand.

So students may have the scope of becoming a sales manager, a marketing manager or some can either start a retail business of their own by becoming a franchisee of another big retail business. They can also try working with International retailers like Wal-Mart who uses advanced supply chain techniques to market their brand. Several international retail chains from countries like Germany, the US and the UK are opening up their stores in India, thus generating job opportunities for many job seekers. The retail systems are very vibrant and exciting. Individuals choosing this profession gets wide industry exposure and opportunity to interact with different kinds of people.

The retail industry is an interesting place to be in. Depending on the talent and abilities that individual possess, one could pick a role that would best satisfy their ambitions and work their way through the corporate ladder in retail. It doesn’t matter whether one pursues an MBA via traditional education or online education, an MBA degree in Retail Management is what counts.