Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Online MBA

Following are the answers to the various frequently asked questions regarding online Master’s in Business Administration (MBA): Question 1. What do you mean by an online MBA program? Answer: Online MBA means pursuing… Continue reading

5 Reasons to choose a Hybrid PGDM program from Welingkar

Are you an experienced professional who aspires to pursue management studies? The Welingkar’s Hybrid PGDM program is one of best choice for you. The 2-year program is called Hybrid PGDM because it is… Continue reading

International MBA Program (IMBA): The Whole World in Your Hand

An international MBA program can open many doors for you. An international management degree not only gives you an edge over your peers, but also earns recognition and success for you in your… Continue reading

The Evolution of Online Learning

Online learning does not sound like an alien term anymore. Students and professionals are opting for online MBA programs and various other courses available on the web. With technology advancement and busy lifestyle,… Continue reading

Full Time vs. Online MBA Programs

This is an ongoing debate in every household where the student wishes to pursue an MBA. There are now various options to pursue the degree. Parents usually side the traditional MBA, i.e. classroom… Continue reading

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